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A Great Opportunity for Parents to Engage and Learn!

over 2 years ago

By Loreigh Erlanda

Move On When Ready (MOWR)

over 2 years ago


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Dear Georgia Education Community,

Today marks the start of increased educational opportunities for Georgia’s students. Earlier this year, the Georgia
legislature passed and Governor Deal signed into law the Move On When Ready Act. The Move On When Ready
[MOWR] program simplifies and expands Georgia’s dual enrollment opportunities so that high school students can
simultaneously satisfy high school requirements and get a jump-start on a postsecondary credential.
Attached to this letter are detailed Frequently Asked Questions about the new program. There are a few features we
would like to highlight:
1.  The state will cover the cost of a dually-enrolled student’s postsecondary tuition, fees, and books. Students
will only need to pay for course-related fees such as a welding mask for a welding course. See additional
details in the FAQs.
2.  Postsecondary credits earned through dual enrollment do not count toward a student’s HOPE Grant or HOPE
Scholarship caps.
3.  Students attending a Georgia public or private high school or a home study program operated pursuant to
law are eligible to participate in MOWR.
4.  MOWR strengthens partnerships between postsecondary institutions and K-12 schools, which is formalized in
a signed agreement by participating institutions with the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

We strongly encourage all postsecondary institutions and K-12 schools and partners to participate in and support this worthy program, and we ask that you please share this opportunity and information with others.

For more information on MOWR, please visit the Georgia Student Finance Commission website.
We believe MOWR furthers the Alliance of Education Agency Heads’ mission to create an innovative and collaborative education system that is student-focused and facilitates student success.

Through this streamlined program, we are confident that Georgia’s workforce will be better prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century global economy.