Service learning benefits both the students directly involved and the community that they affect.
Students develop leadership abilities and learn more effective communication skills. SOS provides an opportunityfor our young student leaders to use their talents to make a positive impact on our community.
Some examples of projects that current and/or past SOS
teams have been a part of:

  • Daily flag duty (trained at the beginning of the year)

  • Weekly Kindergarten tutoring and assistance in the
    classroom (during 5th grade recess time)

  • Assisting with school-wide functions (talent shows,
    spring fling, Red Ribbon Week, K registration, etc.)

  • Serving veterans lunch at LCHS for Veterans Day

  • Delivering cards and care packets to residents of the
    Gold City Personal Care Home

  • Helping with annual food drives for Family Connection

  • Collecting pet food and supplies to donate to local
    animal shelter

  • School beautification projects (planting flowers,
    cleaning up the playground, etc.)

  • Creating anti-bullying skits and performing them for all